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The Bristol Professional Locksmith offers one of the most local and reliable services in Bristol. With No Call out charge the Bristol Professional Locksmith can be at your door within twenty minutes. Whether you’ve simply lost your keys, want to change your locks or had the unfortunate experience of a break in The Bristol Professional Locksmith can be of service.

We at the Bristol Professional Locksmith pride ourselves on our quick response time, dedication to the job and our positive feedback we’ve received throughout the years. If we need to spend the next four hours sourcing a rare lock for an old victorian door we endeavour to get you sorted at no extra cost.

We also want to ensure your safety and confidentiality in the case of a Break-In. We have worked alongside the Police with many past jobs where we were their number one Locksmith they called to the job.

Not only do the Bristol Professional Locksmithdeal with Emergency Access and Lost Keys but we help customers and businesses upgrade their locks due to wear and tear through age or simply safety if many people have changed hands in your business or you’ve just bought a new property and want to be extra sure.

In More vulnearable areas the Bristol Professional Locksmith can also specify a whole safety procedure making sure that you have the relevant locks on windows and PVC doors.

Safety may not have a price but luckily The Bristol Professional Locksmith offers one of the lowest.




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Improving the Safety of Standard Locks

Most pre-made doors come with cylinder locks, these are often referred to as ‘Yale’ Locks and are one of the most vulnerable to break-ins with thieves managing to gain access within a couple of minutes. Although they are reliable they often little protection and simply act as a deterrent meaning the door is closed. The Bristol Professional Locksmith works with many people in order to change these locks so that there is less opportunity for a thief to get in.

If this happens to be the case in your household there are two ways we can go about providing more security. One means is switching the lock to an anti-snap lock which protects you and your family. The Bristol Professional Locksmith can also install another lock, often referred to as a Mortice Lock. We recommend two locks on any house as it deters burglars. Often people become lazy and don’t always lock the mortice lock which is something we strongly advise against. An extra 20 seconds locking your mortice lock could mean the difference between safety and a break-in but if your UPVC door only has one area for a lock we will install an anti-snap lock which can be equally as effective.



keys-20290_1280Appointments with Us

Perhaps you don’t need someone to come out in an emergency but would like to set up an appointment after work or on the weekend just so we can assess your house and come up with the best quote. Our call out service is free and the Bristol Professional Locksmith can be with you at any convenient time.

We will come out for free, give you a quote on the service you may require and can arrange a time to suit you to fit the new locks. We also do alarm systems and general risk assessments. There is nothing like feeling nervous every time you leave your house.

Perhaps you have just moved into a new neighbourhood, or are worried that you left the keys in the door the night before and now you can’t find them and feel someone may have taken them planning a break in when your next at work. Just give us a call and we can arrange the best time to suit you, give you a quote and we can take it from there.

There is no pressure to place business with us and if you wish to use a different Locksmith to the Bristol Professional Locksmith we respect that and will not push for your business. We simply want to offer you solutions. In an ideal world there would be no need for the Bristol Professional Locksmith but unfortunately that’s not the case so we are here to provide a solution to a problem that society has always faced.




Quality, Quality, Quality

You may have experienced it before when you’ve had a key copied and after about a week of using it you notice it bending. This can present a very bad problem and although many key cutters are reliable at what they do often keys are bought in batches as cheaply as possible to give to the end consumer. Not only this, the real problem here is that they can snap in the lock and sometimes are virtually impossible to get out, leaving you at the worse possible times without being able to get into your household. The Bristol Professional Locksmith makes sure we use the highest quality keys available to us and can get your keys copied for you should you wish to have more copies.

As well as this is you prefer the Bristol Professional Locksmith can simply advise you on the best places to get your keys copied when you can then do it in confidence and we will tell you which type of key to go for. It’s important in our line of work that we have complete trust with the customers so if you wish to carry out key copying yourself we encourage you to do that but are happy to take over.

The Bristol Professional Locksmith also endeavours to use the best and most reliable lock fittings we can. We can get hold of all types and if your lock fitting happens to be quite rare we will do our best to source it at no extra cost to you. After all we want to provide you with the best security and confidence we can offer. We don’t want to have to come out to properties more than once for the same problem and therefore although some costs may be a little higher than your average lock fitting from a local hardware shop there is a reason for this. We are providing a full security measure in what we do, not simply a quick fix solution.

home-589068_1280Locked out of your house?

We’ve all had that moment when we leave the house and realise we forgot our keys, or perhaps we are in the front garden doing some work and a gust of wind comes out of no where and slams our front door closed. Sometimes we are lucky and can get into the house through a window or through the neighbours house and going through the back door, or sometimes someone is home but in that situation when there is no other way in simply give the Bristol Professional Locksmith a call. With our quick call out time we can come and get you back into your property within five minutes.

Why wait for your housemates and spend the whole day away, or perhaps your dog is in the house barking for you and theres no way in. About 50% of our call outs regard people being locked out of their own home and we are happy to help. This is always a nice job for the Bristol Professional Locksmith as we know our clients aren’t stressed through being victims of crime. At the same time we can also deal with any other issues you may have regarding security and often you a quote for other services you may wish. Perhaps you got locked out in the morning and don’t finish work until late at night. The Bristol Professional Locksmith can be there at your door when you are due home and help you get back in. Just give us a call and book a time. You could even give your address just before hand in case you are worried. Remember at the Bristol Professional Locksmith we endeavour for you to feel safe and trust our service. After all safety is what we are all about.

data-backup-571157_1280Security is our Priority and should be yours

If you look at statistics most break-ins happen to properties not as some grand scheme that has been planned months in advance but due to opportunistic crimes. Meaning the thief has spotted a weakness in your security and exploited that. Most break-ins happen in the Summer as many people leave windows wide open, some break-ins even happen at night when you are in the house, we’ve had clients wake up to find someone hanging in their window. As scary as this may sound the Bristol professional Locksmith can offer all kinds of services to help you sleep better at night.

From installing window locks that allow your window to remain a little open but do not give access to thieves, to bars on the window so you can leave your whole window open the Bristol Professional Locksmith will assess your security needs and advise you based on your own property and area.

We all know how expensive moving into a new property can be and perhaps security isn’t your top issue but we can offer step by step payment plans and services so that you can make your home safer. An example of this is the Bristol Professional Locksmith could first change your cylinder lock on the front door. Then in a few weeks add window locks, then when you have the money or perhaps you are going away for a holiday and a little weary of leaving the house unlocked then we could help you fit an alarm and offer the best system relevant to your needs.

Security and safety is priceless, imagine your kids at home and someone breaks-in. The worse part of break-ins the Bristol Professional Locksmith gets told about is that you are always looking over your shoulder and more than the valuables taken away from you is that someone has invaded your personal space. Think about it, in the scheme of things being secure and having a new lock put into an old property or tightening up your vulnerabilities can save you a lot of hassle and stress in the long run. So give the Bristol Professional Locksmith a call and we will advise you on what you can do to improve your security.

vault-154023_1280Feel Safer having a Safe

Safes are a great way to ensure that your most valuable possessions are locked away, it is near impossible for the average thieve to break into them and they are often so heavy that they can’t be carried away easily. Remember most break-ins the theives are trying to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible and although they may indicate that there is valuables inside may times it not worth the effort of them simply finding out.

The Bristol Professional Locksmith can help you choose the best safe for your situation, maybe it somewhere to keep your passport and family keep sakes or perhaps you have a real habitat for expensive jewellery. We can help you choose it and find the best place for it to be located. Some safes can be fitted directly into the wall where they can then be covered up by a painting or even put under the floor boards.

With their weight and ability to be physically attached to the building sometimes this is all you need to stop it. Obviously the Bristol Professional Locksmith can not guarantee that a thieve won’t try to take your safe but in the majority of break-ins they should be a sufficient enough deterrent should they be found. Remember thieves want to be as quick as possible.


We live in a world which seems to be more and more governed by Insurance and as good as it is to be insured if the insurance company do not believe you have sufficient security in your home in some case they will not pay out leaving you after that incident with nothing to show for.

Therefore the Bristol Professional Locksmith can ensure your property is secured in the strongest manner possible and offer you so this unfortunate situation can not happen to you. We can also advise you on insurance and the best cover for your house and your needs.

You should always read the small print as sometimes an insurance policy will require you set an alarm every time you leave the property. You may even find that if you have an alarm system your insurance premiums will go down therefore the upfront cost of the alarm and fitting by the Bristol Professional Locksmith may save you a lot of money in the end.

Other examples of problems with insurance that the Bristol Professional Locksmith have come to know about are where people have doors that don’t automatically lock themselves. Although this makes your life easier that one day when you don’t lock your door could end up costing you. Most insurance companies need to know that there was forced entry into the property so if you simply didn’t lock the door or perhaps didn’t have security locks on your windows you may find yourself in a position whereby the insurance company denies your claim. Therefore we strongly advise you to make sure you have done everything you can to stop this happening and it can all start with one free call and call out with the Bristol Professional Locksmith.

surveillance-152097_1280 (1)CCTV

With the advance of technology CCTV has become incredibly cheap in comparison to the past and now is something that the average homeowner can afford. This added level of protection not only acts as a deterrent but lets you know exactly what’s happening outside your house. Some CCTV systems can be linked to your wi-fi and can send notifications or can be viewed by your smartphone. Perhaps you are on holiday and getting paranoid that someone has come into your house. Perhaps you are dealing with a resentful neighbour and are sure he keeps putting things his waste in your bin for example, CCTV can give us that extra level of protection. Not only this in the case of a burglary the footage can be handed to the police who can thereby track down the thieves and you have a lot more likelihood or getting your belongings back and even compensation from the burglary. The Bristol Professional Locksmith works alongside local electricians in order to set up whole CCTV systems and we can advise you on the best and most suitable for your needs.